‘Salsa’ is Spanish for ’sauce’ and was named so by the Spaniards during the 1500’s. However Salsa’s history is much older than this, it was a favourite condiment of the ancient Aztecs, Myans and Inca’s as early as 5200 BC. The first salsa consisted of chopped tomatoes, chilis, beans and ground seeds such as squash seeds and was often used as a topping on meats such as turkey and fish.

One of the first companies to commercially produce salsa was La Victoria in 1917. La Victoria is still a big manufacturer of Salsa and other Latin American sauces today. However Pace is currently  the leading manufacturer.

Salsa does not only refer to the tomato and chili with beans and/or other veggies. There are fruit salsa’, chili sauces, taco sauces, guacamole and mole just to name a few can all be considered salsa’s.

As more people become concerned with eating healthy foods, salsa has become more popular as consumers realize that salsa is much more nutritious than ketchup or nacho cheeses sauces.

Salsa Recipes: